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Placement of orders is required by 2.30pm on the previous working day.
Minimum order $40 for delivery ($12.90 Delivery&Packaging fee applies). Minimum order of $20 for pre-order and pick up.

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STEP 1     (Option A)     Let us present you with a nicely balanced mix of our sandwiches.
                                    Just tell us the number of people catered for plus any special requests

                                    (Minimum 4 people)

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OR           (Option B)     Please specify the quantity and type of sandwich to be ordered.
                                     Please write quantities in boxes, choosing bread type - Brown, White or Mixed (Brown and White)

                                          Quantity         Bread Type              Special Requests

Vienna Grilled Chicken     10.50  Brown White Mixed    
Chicken Breast Schnitzel  10.50   Brown White Mixed    
Vienna Beef Rissoles       10.50   Brown White Mixed    
Barn Yard Leg Ham         10.50   Brown White Mixed    
Rare Roasted Beef          11   Brown White Mixed    
Mozart Chicken                11.50   Brown White Mixed    
Poached Chicken Breast  10.50   Brown White Mixed    
Sexy Tuna                             11.50   Brown White Mixed    
Vienna Tuna Classic        10.50   Brown White Mixed    
Freshest Vienna Salad    9.50   Brown White Mixed    
                      Total Quantity :   Please confirm total quantity
       Choose your presentation Platter Style (Min 4 sandwiches. Sandwiches cut in quarters and nicely presented on an aluminium platter)
             Individual Style (Sandwiches cut in quarters then wrapped and labeled individually)

STEP 2         Would you like any Drinks?    No Thanks

Premium Orange Juice 2L     7.90      Quantity : San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 1L    4.90     Quantity :
Premium Apple Juice 2L        7.90     Quantity : Coke 1.25L                                     3.90      Quantity :
Other Drinks Request
Description :   Quantity : Description :            Quantity :

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